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Easy as 1-2-3-4

The Four Step Process

It's really that simple!

 Sleeping Bears

  1. Present Your Ideas

  1. Enter type of item desired:
    Please enter the description of the item you would like us to produce.
    (EXAMPLE: I want a light blue bear with purple ears, a big smile and our logo on the chest and back and with our company name embroidered in bright chartreuse on each arm and leg.)

  2. Select or enter size:
    Let us know the approximate SIZE:
    (we can produce a bear or figure in any size from 2 inches to 2 feet or larger)

    2 Inch:   4 Inch:   6 Inch: 12 Inch: OR
    Enter Custom Size:

  3. Enter quantity desired*:  
    (*Minimum quantities apply to most orders and will be stated in the price quote.)

    and the image (logo or insignia) you want us to create.
    We will help you with every detail

  1. Receive Quotation

  1. Enter your Contact Information:
  First:   Last:  
Your E-mail Address:  
Shipping Address:  
Zip: Other Country:  
Phone:   Cell Phone:  
  How did you find us?:

(describe please)
  1. Receive Quote:

  2. You will receive a quote based on your description of the product desired, size and quantities requested. Materials and complexity can change pricing and we will help advise every step of the way.

  1. Approve Prototype

  1. Prototype Approval:

    1. We make digital productions in the early development stages and a real prototype sample for your final approval.

    2. When you approve the price quotation we will create a digital and/or physical prototype sample of your product for your approval. A digital sample is free. A physical sample, mailed to you for final approval is $100.00. The physical sample is optional.

  1. Production And Delivery

  1. Final Approval & Delivery:

    Upon your approval of the prototype sample and signing of contract, we will produce your product and deliver it direct to your door step. Normal delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. Faster delivery is available with a surcharge.

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